Deep Clear

Synopsis: Honey Bitter meets Kodomo no Omocha! Shuri is a private detective with a special ability to read minds. She usually handles all sorts of cases, but this time she is faced with a rather unusual request. The famous actress Kurata Sana is going to play in a new film as a detective. She wants to be able to impersonate her character as best as possible so she asks Shuri if she can stick around to learn a few things that real detectives do and how they act. Despite this childish request, Shuri also recieves a more intimate request from Sana's manager, Sagami Rei, who wants to find out the reason why Sana and her husband, Hayama Akito, have decided to live separate one from another.
Volume 01
by Evil Flowers, 2012.12.16
by Evil Flowers, 2012.12.09
by Evil Flowers, 2012.12.02
by Evil Flowers, 2012.09.28
by Evil Flowers, 2012.05.21